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I am currently a postdoctoral scholar in the Department of Physics at Harvard University, in Prof. Matteo Mitrano’s research group, developing THz and X-ray scattering tools to probe and manipulate high-Tc superconductors using light.

I obtained my PhD in Materials Science and Engineering at Penn State University in 2021, advised by Prof. Venkatraman Gopalan, studying layered magnetic materials and multiferroics using optical spectroscopy and density functional theory. I completed my undergraduate studies at the Indian Institute of Technology (Madras).

Apart from numerous peer-reviewed publications (see Publications), I have been invited to present talks at various international scientific conferences, including the APS March Meeting, SPIE Optics + Photonics, and Gordon Research Seminar.

Outside of academics, much of my time is occupied by music. I am a violinist trained in the Indian classical music tradition, and have been featured in several public recitals both as a soloist and accompanist. Some of these can be found on my YouTube, SoundCloud, and Instagram pages.