I am a scientist working at the intersection of materials and physics, as a postdoctoral scholar at Harvard University. I am interested in materials where the quantum nature of matter is manifest at the macroscopic scale. I study these materials at their fundamental length and time scales, with the ultimate goal of enabling new functionalities for next-generation technological applications.

Research highlights

Magnetism in quantum materials creates a platform to realize spin-based phenomena with applications in spintronics, memory, and quantum information. Here, we use ultrafast pulses of light to coherently control magnetism at speeds 1000x faster than traditional techniques like strain and external magnetic fields.

Polar metals are materials that simultaneously demonstrate polar order and metallicity, two seemingly incompatible properties. In this work, we outline the mechanism that may stabilize such a state, and observe experimental signatures of this using nonlinear optics and spectroscopy.

Multiferroic materials with simultaneous ferroelectric and magnetic order offer the prospect of realizing electric-field control of magnetism. Our new symmetry-based approach helps us identify hidden magnetoelectric switching pathways in BiFeO3, clarifying its deterministic nature.

Graphene with a vacancy defect is a unique system that is magnetic even in the absence of magnetic ions. Here, we use first-principles calculations to show that this magnetism is intertwined with local structural deformations, with non-planarity quenching the magnetic moment.